Starting school at all ages

Starting or changing schools can be daunting for both you and your little one, so we want to give you all the resources you need to make those transitions as smooth as possible. So from starting their first days away at nursery all of the way up to moving out for university we have the support you need. And to our international audience, we’ve put this page together from a UK perspective so some of this might not hold true where you're from.


Made for Mums has a nice article taking the time to talk through settling your child into nursery in a very easily digestible read

Working mums have a lovely article to, with a really nice section on talking about how nursery makes both you and your child feel

NCT’s article is fantastically parent focused looking at the common issues as well as some pointers on how to manage picking up and dropping off your little one

Primary school

The parent hub is a Scottish parenting advice site with a nice quick list of ways to help your little one adjust to their days away at school as well as some frequently asked questions

Oxford Owl break down how you can support your kid and give direct examples to try out to give them the best start

Bounty Parents have a good list of skills that your child should probably have before they start 

primary school

Secondary School

Family lives breaks down the process of settling your child into secondary school into easily digestible tips

Who’s the Mummy has a lovely article looking at some of the realities of secondary school and is just a lovely read

Oxford Owl looks at five common concerns over when your child starts secondary school, breaking them down into tips for how best to address them

Post 16 education

UCL take into account the full range of post 16 options, laying them out and going through the talking points to help you and your child make the decision that are best for them

Parent Advisor has some  great tips for making the most out of college open days, which really are key to making the most informed decisions you can about post 16 education

Written by the head teacher of a sixth form, Independent school parent has a wonderful article with key tips on how to help your child succeed at sixth form


The Telegraph has a good article going through key points of getting your child off to uni, with a good focus on staying supportive no matter how things go

Student Finances are a massive worry for a lot of families and this Save The Student article breaks it all down in immaculate detail with lists of key dates and all the support you need

Family lives has a wonderful piece in their typical style breaking down broader points into individual tips that are super easy to digest