Postnatal Depression

DISCLAIMER, this is a page on mental health, be prepared for discussions of negative mental health, and if you feel as though you are in an active crisis please contact a medical or psychiatric professional.

Mind are one of the UKs leading mental health charities and have a good in depth look at the issue including plenty of links to extra resources on their site and a 5 minute video to watch

The NHS overview gives information on things to keep an eye on, causes and treatments, debunks several common myths and gives you

Better Help give a more detailed look at the causes of postnatal depression, as well as the option to contact a licensed counsellor through them

NCT, a UK pregnancy and childcare charity, provide a well laid out article with all the relevant information, as well as a short video

The Royal College of Psychiatrists give lots of in depth information on postnatal depression as well as how it can affect those around you and baby