Treat Time

Time to up your game!!

What you and most of us see as treating ourselves is generally just our human needs and is not a treat at all! Ive been asking you via my media channels what you class as a treat and its shocking reading ladies! A shower in peace, well yes we all love a shower in peace, but this is not treating yourself.

Prior to being a mummy, your life will of consisted of cinema visits, meals out, new clothes, a new book or a lazy day in pjs where you didn’t get out of bed till mid day. You wouldn’t have felt guilty or feel like you needed a reason, but after having children we quickly start believing our worth is less than and all of a sudden these things are no longer important or needed. This simply should not be the case.

I know it isn’t intentional and just a fact that our newborn takes over our world and our hearts, but to be the very best you can be for your little ones, you must give the best to yourself also.

So what does a treat look like, getting your nails done, reading a book, going out for tea, buying yourself a little present. Try it now and see how uplifting it can be, but do not feel guilty. Don’t leave your loved ones out either, have a treat with them, go for a meal, give each other massages, just quality time to lift those happy hormones and be the best you can be.

One of my favourite treats is to sit in a hot tub for half an hour, listening to the birds and still around me with a cup of coffee in hand, till my boys find me and the peace is disturbed, but it anchors my thoughts and still the mind, ready for the day ahead.

Whats your treat for the day going to be?

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