Stay Calm and Breath

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Extremely easy to say, not so easy to do. We all need to do it from time to time to regain balance.

I like many others suffer from anxiety. Yes, its still a taboo word, but I’m out and proud!

You see my anxiety stems from a hormone imbalance, so totally out of my control, but then anxiety usually is. Nobody would ask for that uneasy feeling of nerves that can leave us shaky and breathless or even lead to a panic attack. It often stems from a lack of control in some shape or form.

We put that much pressure on ourselves in the current climate that we have to keep going and look like we're coping and sometimes we are just treading water underneath and that's ok, most people will experience this sometime or another. We just need to be kind to ourself and others.

As a business owner. I see this like many other small business owners, to be under pressure all the time.

Feeling like you're on that roller coaster, one minute doing amazing and then the next minute, your back down there panicking thinking how your going to keep it going and are you doing the right thing? Is this the right business to keep everybody happy and it's so hard for us all to keep that momentum going.

You see, everyone has different pressure and struggles and I’m yet to meet a person who has absolutely everything under control. (Jo if your reading this, you seem to have mastered this!! Though its a miracle how)

Whatever your reason for feeling the pressure or unease, remember to be calm and breathe, for in a moment that time will pass and it will be nothing but a distant memory!

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