Poorly children and work commitment guilt!

The dreaded sickness bug, cold, chicken pox!! All things your little babies will experience at some time. Actually quiet a lot in the first few years while their immune system is developing.

As mothers all we want to do is wrap them up and care for them. Easier said than done though! Unfortunately in this era, many mummies have to work to contribute to the house hold finances. However it is seen to be our responsibility as mums to stay at home when the little ones are poorly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m like most and would love to stay at home at the drop of a hat to nurture and care for my offsprings, but I work too!

So why is it frowned upon for hubby’s to take time out to care for their young?, But expected for a mother. I’m unsure too and while I’m sure this is not the case for every family or employer I know it exists and needs addressing. So if you are an employer of mums or dads, or any carer in fact, please don’t put extra guilt on them for taking time out to care for their young. Instead be understanding and supportive and you might be amazed with the loyalty you will receive in return.

Im not nieve, I am a business owner too afterall, but i would not for a minute question a dad asto why a mum cannot stay off work to care for their child instead of dad.

While we have come far from the days that mums stayed at home and brought up the young, while dads were the breadwinner, there is still a coulture of this in todays society, which is crazy considering how the world have changed over the years!

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