One think you never knew you needed from Amazon. Mum addition!

Updated: Mar 31


I saw this quirky trend on a social Chanel of people recommending quirky thinks they had bought from amazon and I thought, what a great idea it would be to do a Mums addition!

We all know the standard things people tell you that you will need after having a baby, but there's hundreds of things they don't tell you and many of them are super useful and really helpful. We will however find out about these eventually through word of mouth and recommendation, but I thought I would share a few and help you get a head start!

The first one has to be these little handy cupboard locks. nothing is safe once they can start opening cupboard doors and these little locks are fail proof. I can remember the first ones I got were fiddly little things that took so long to do, my little one had learnt the art before me and in turn, got into every cupboard going. These little beauties from amazon, have their own little magnetic key, keep it out of reach and hey presto, children cant get in.


Now I know what your thinking. Ofcourse we know how handy and amazing a jumper is, but do you? I have a children's softly and I've tried many different brands and nothing compairs to this one. The children love its detail and bright colour, which is great, but what I really love is, its is large, but its not as big and bulky as most, the framing is easier to carry and move if you need to move it to a different room. it has adjustable heights and the cover comes of to machine wash. Honestly if I had my time over, I wouldn't buy a different one.


Finally for today, my number three choice is this amazing cream. Now this is my best recommendation, what every breast feeding mum needs. YES, nipple cream! No-one introduces you to this until you are crippled in pain and ready to give up breast feeding, get it in, just case you need it. You will not regret it and you can thank me later.

If you decide you want to try these, you can click the links and it will take you straight there. I would love you hear your mummy recommendation and I would love to share them. You can either email me on or follow and comment of our instagram account or join our Facebook community-Mums Alliance members group

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