Mums Alliance is on the move!

Mums alliance is all about reaching to as many people as we can and supporting anyone who would like it. We have originated in the north of England, but it has always been our aim and goal to spread our support across the UK and further.

We have now started to set up Local Facebook groups across the UK, to start the train in motion.

We currently have 17 groups on Facebook - which we would love you to find and invite friends to. If you are in an area and we don't have a group, let me know and we will set one up, there are many more to come! Watch this space.

Why all the groups, I hear you ask?

We want to bring back the mummy social circle, support groups that have dwindled in the past years. No more going to baby weigh in weekly and getting that reassurance from your new found friends as many of these groups have closed like sure start. We want to fill that gap and bring back the support group.

We can't do that alone so your help is needed and this is how you can help. Sorry to borrow Tescos strap line, but "Every little helps!"

Follow us on our social media channels

Share and tell your friends

Checkout our website, most importantly gain the knowledge you are seeking from it

Subscribe to our members groups for £5 a month (This would be amazing and helps us keep the lights on! After all, we are a not for profit company)

But most of all use us, we are here to help. xx

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