Lockdown 500

Who would have thought wearing a mask would be the norm! Can you remember when we used to laugh at the Chinese for wearing masks all day, everyday? Now the whole word is doing it daily.

Well that's enough about Covid, Im sure like me you are all truly sick of it. Though it has brought some silver linings. I feel it has taught us to slow down and cherish what we have, I personally have changed my whole outlook on life and definitely for the better. One of the major negatives though is all you lovely new mums out there, that haven't had the opportunity to do all those new mum things. Play groups, baby socials, messy play, baby massage and so on.

So this has got me thinking, what could we do at Mums Alliance to help with this and so our new membership has been born!

Inside our new membership which launches on 31st March 2021, you will be able to join a community of Mums, gain knowledge, insight and receive some all round mummy support and we cant wait to see you there. (But when the time comes be quick as we are only opening to new members for one week initially!)

What can you expect to see, I hear you ask? Lots of fun and informative videos from amazing people sharing their knowledge and expertise. For example and not to give too much away, we have an amazing lady, well lots of amazing ladies actually, but one specifically giving a baby massage demo for you to try at home and this is just one of the many videos we have for you.

We will also have a members only Facebook page for you to chat all thinks mummy with likeminded people. So, that's it from me today, short and sweet, just wanted to keep you all up to date.

I hope you are all well and safe and hope to see you inside ours new members area from 31st march 2021 onwards.

Big hugs mummy, you've got this xxx

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