LEARNING TIME! Today's Lesson: Change

Sometimes we forget that we were not created to stagnate…

Sometimes life can feel so tough, rigid and challenging that we can forget that actually everything is fluid, flowing and cyclical and that our current circumstances will also change.

Can you look back and think of a time when things were wonderful for you?

Maybe you were in love, maybe you were experiencing unparalleled joy in becoming a parent or the sense of achievement standing on top of a mountain…

And whilst it was amazing, that moment now feels fleeting, almost like it was over in split second doesn’t it?

Because the Wheel of Fortune turned again and gave you new challenges, obstacles and maybe even some new lows to deal with, you know, just to keep things interesting and to make sure you appreciate the highs as they grace you with their presence…

Now think of a time when things were really awful.

Perhaps you hit a low point a few months or years ago, the pressure of life, love, money, emotional rollercoasters, loss, grief, sadness and pain. Yet whilst it was awful at the time, you began to find a way through.

You noticed that you had more resilience and strength than you ever thought possible within you.

You learned more about the wonderful creature you are when the going gets tough, about your fighting spirit, your depth, your human-ness and your will to keep experiencing this wonderful life – even if you do get a few shit sandwiches thrown in - because IT’S WORTH IT.

And again, the Wheel of Fortune kept on turning.

Now notice just how capable you are of adaptation and change. When you start to realise how powerful you are, How MUCH you can experience, How MUCH you can handle, We begin to become… very curious…

Curious about what we can do, who we want to share life with, and what we can build. This process is our evolution. It’s our birthright. It’s in our DNA. Because we’re not designed to become stagnant creatures. We are meant to change, evolve, and transform until we die. We can change our bodies. We can change our hearts. We can change our thinking. We can change our lives. Not once. But as many times as we wish. Sometimes it's easy to forget this important fact.

You know you are capable of change You know that there is more possibility in life than you can even imagine You've proven to yourself that you can handle more And yet…

One of the greatest things that stops us from living the life of our dreams is what we believe to be true...If you have the ability to do something but you don’t believe you can, you won’t.


If you don’t have the ability to do something but you believe you can, you eventually will. People do it every day and so can you.

So, if you suspect that you may have some limiting, blocking beliefs cluttering up your beautiful mind, that are stopping you from becoming who you want to be… *It's time to clear them out* Which can be very difficult to do alone... And if you need help with that, then you know I am always here for you, it's kinda my thing.


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