Know Your Worth

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

So you think you know your worth! but do you really, like really truly know your worth.

Do you love yourself inside and out? Every piece of your awesomeness, I very much doubt it, not many of us do. We all came into this world exactly the same way. We're all born came from nothing and we'll go out the same way. So why do we think that we are less adequate than anybody else or our worth isn't as great as the next person. It's time to start loving ourselves truly for who we are!

On the day that were born nobody is more educated, worthy of a more fulfilling life than the next person. However very soon and very quickly we decide that others are worth more than us. Why does this happen? Whether it is in a social circle, a business, or employment we as humans will always look at somebody else and feel they are greater than us and therefore more superior.

We all get Imposter syndrome at some time. So what are we going to do about this? How can we change to look at ourselves differently, appreciate the positive and the good things that we have within us, the skills and our amazing talents. Our lovely personalities the things that make us bright and beautiful and the differences, use them to their greatest potential.

You only have one life, so ensure you go out feeling like you have given it the most you can. Myself for example, I never would have thought I would run my own business let alone be currently running my second business that I'm going to go across the whole of the UK with and make a difference to People by running a community interest company. I realised very soon that my skill in life was to make things happen for other people, to try and help other people in the best way I could and I have turned this into a business.

Right now I couldn't be happier and wheither I go out of this world feeling like I've achieved the world or whether I just achieved what I wanted to I'll be happy and will know my worth.

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