Happy New You!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

New years resolutions failed yet? why do we put this unnecessary pressure on ourselves! Make every day the new day, enjoy, be healthy and happy and if for any reason you are waiting to start, make today the day. We have a short time on this planet, to short to be unhappy about anything that is within our capability to change. For example, how many people out there are in a job they are unhappy with? We work for the majority of our life, but we are still prepared to be in a job we hate, leave, start today, do something you enjoy. I find my job, tiring, extremely stressful at times and earn far less money than I could be working for someone else, but I truly love my job more than you can imagine. However, there are parts of my life I'm not so in love with and this year I will change them, no excuses, no reassurance needed as life is too short to not make the most of every second of it. What do you need to change this year?

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