Exciting times ahead...

It's been forever since I wrote a blog and for this I am truly sorry. As you appreciate the whole pandemic, running businesses and being a Mum has been a headache to say the least, but we are through the other side and by god are we excited at Mums Alliance HQ.

Ive spent many hours at the beach contemplating, soul searching about what I wanted Mums Alliance C.I.C to do for Mums and to be honest the time away has brought some great vision and well needed focus.

So Mums Alliance was always about supporting Mums the best we could and ensuring EVERY Mum knew how special and amazing they are and that help and support is available if needed.

During the pandemic in a time when mothers mental health has been tested more that every the ever supporting Surestart centres that have been a savour to many new mums has been pulled and there is barely a few sure start centres remaining. While these centre were aimed at under privilege families, many if not most Mums used these as a way to meet other Mums and get regular reassurance and support at things like the baby weigh in sessions and baby socials.

On speaking to new Mums in our community as well as sure start closures this the past lockdowns due to Covid, they have struggled intergrading into life as a new Mum.

We at Mums Alliance want to help alleviate this for future Mums. We are going to run baby social events in local areas to allow Mums to have that go to point when having a new baby and finding that much needed friendship and support.

We have an amazing team in the back ground who are truly fired up to do the best for these Mums and we need your support. To help us you can do many things, but here are a few:

1,Spread the word, tell anyone and everyone about Mums Alliance. The more people we reach, the more support we can offer.

2,Follow our social channels on Facebook and Instagram. (We aim to have a Facebook group in each area of the UK also to help Mums socialise and get support)

If you own a great business that Mums would love, collaborate with us.

3,Lastly we need funding to keep the lights on and all help is appreciated, become a member for just £5 per month and receive amazing discounts at some of our partners and get access to our great members area.

So for now we have lots to be getting on with. On a last note,

we are a social enterprise, not for profit company, so if you have some spare time and want to support our cause, please reach out, we are always looking for volunteers and will be eternally grateful.

Bye for now


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