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Covid 19 Part two

It's a sunny Friday morning, the 24th April 2020 and seems like forever ago I wrote the last blog. It seems for me at least with all that is going on, that structure is really hard to keep momentum with at the moment.

I feel at the moment, a real truthful raw blog might be what people need to read. If you are looking on social media, everyone is trying to make the best of a bad situation and if you are like me and not as affected as some might be or not having to work horrendously long, gruesome shifts on the front line, being at home with your loved ones is a blessing. However, I think we have to address the elephant in the room! It is very very stressful and you are allowed to feel stressed and overwhelmed, I literally think there is very few people who have their shit together right now!

For me, no two days are the same. Take today, for instance, I'm motivated, ticking jobs off my to-do list, being really productive with my work, kids have nearly done their school work and are happy and upbeat, but that can all change in a split second. One wrong work or request that's not possible, for example, yesterdays request, keep the frogs from the garden in the house, forever and it all turns to shit. The kids were broken hearted at letting the frogs live in the garden, as they are the only friends they are allowed to see at the moment (My 10 year olds words!) Everyones frustrated, kids are screaming and crying allday, hubby and I were rockin in the corner with a beer and glass of wine by 7pm and the days of having an hour to yourself seem like the most distant memory.

I spoke too soon, absolute full household meltdown just occurred, due to the eldest's scrambled egg not cooking fast enough. My point is the smallest thing become huge, so be kind to yourself, more than ever. Go for a walk, have a soak in the bath or an hour in the garden sunbathing, whatever you need to do to relax and stay calm. Talk to a friend, a problem shared always helps as it stops it buzzing around your head so much.

Much love, stay safe Kelly XXX

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