Covid 19

Its Saturday the 28th March 2020 on a sunny morning here in the North East of the UK. I like many others sat here as a business owner, mother, wife, literally do not have a clue what the feck to do. I cant decide whether to rest and try and rejuvinate what was already a knackered body and mind that had been runnig on overdrive for far to long or whether to get on and use the time to try and get some sort of structure and do some work.

We have been social distancing to the best of our ability for a week now, while my main business has been closed for nearly two weeks at the request of the goverment. My heart is hurting for my customers and I wonder dearly if any of the little beauties that frequent my place of work will even remember me, when this all returns to normal. I know in the whole sceme of this, this is minimal and there are must bigger worries, I myself have bigger worries, but this is playing on my mind heavily.

However Mums Alliance derived from me wanting to help mums in their hour of need, when struggling with isolation and having noone to talk to, but ive been struggling for days now on how to help and reach out to them, totally lacking in motivation and inovation on how to do this, but this was the whole aim of this company! So after giving myself a swift kick up the backside today, my aim is this. Get my head together and focus on Mums Alliance and what I wanted it to do. Afterall is was all about mums and small businesses and when this is all over and one day it will be, these two groups are going to need all the help they can get. So for now, Mums all I can do is natter in your ear and give you some sense of normality, however im here at the end of a phone/messenger if anyone wants a chat. Im currently exploring a method to have a group chat with mums over a coffee, kinda coffee shop at home style and will keep you posted. However businesses I can support you now. Im removing the advertising fee and restriction on how many of a business type in one area are allowed, hopefully this will mean by the time everything settles, there will be a huge selection of shops for mums to use their membership cards in and support these amazing small businesses bringing them lots of lovely new customers.

Though this sounds quite business minded and organised, this hasnt been the case. Ive really struggled, like many have struggled this week to make it not feel like a regimented school in my house, while also not wanting it to feel like a half term holiday and while I think ive achieved both of these I truly feel like a failure. All this on top of trying to work. My children have managed to do minimal school work and while this isn't high on my list of prioroties, maintaining their general level of intellengence is. However on reflection, they are happy, safe and loved and fully understand the importance of what we are all doing without the stress that we adults are feeling, so I may not have done the worst job ever! Though daddy daycare/barber wasnt as successful (though he seems proud with his change in career!) Heres a picture of the youngest, slightly less noticable than the eldest ones bowl cut.

So on a final note in this weird, strange and crazy time. Please stay safe and be kind to yourself and those around you as much as possible and remember technology is great and makes connecting simple. much love K xx

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