Breast Is Best

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Breast is best! What a touchy subject this one is right? so everything I say from now on, It's just total opinion so feel free to not agree with me. Please don't be angry with me, its only fair everything is looked at from both sides.

So I primarily think breastfeeding is best! Obviously it's full of goodness, It's what nature intended, the baby gets the best from you in the first couple of days through the colostrum. It's a lovely Bond that you and your baby can have, you can feed on demand and keeping them close to your skin helps them adjust to life outside of the womb. A truly beautiful experience, or so it should be.

However, so here's controversial bit!!!

Sometimes it just doesn't suit some people. So for instance, I look at many of my customers in my other business (Oopsie Daisys limited) and i'm in total ore and amazement as they breastfeed with ease. I won't lie i'm jealous for if only I could have breastfed that easily I would have really truly enjoyed the experience.

But this wasn't the case, my eldest he couldn't latch on and we spent six months trying to persistently breastfeed, because I wanted to and I really wanted to give that to him. However I honestly have to say I lost the first two weeks of his life and the memories that come with that and these were priceless! He couldn't feed properly, he couldn't latch on. Many people out there will say if your coached correctly, are you given the right support, everybody can do it but sometimes the expertise isn't there. I left hospital feeding into a syringe, that's not adequate by any measure! That's not feeding your baby and had somebody said to me "Do you know what, he just can't latch on, use a bottle" I would have enjoyed those quality weeks so much more.

I'm not saying that one way or the other way is best. People just need to be open to it and not sit on sides. Breastfeeding is amazing, there is no getting away from that and I'm a great advocate for it, however in today's day and age with the science available I'm sure formula is pretty amazing too.

So let's not be so harsh on each other and judge and just support each other for being wonderful, amazing Mum's and doing an amazing job.

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