LGBTQ+ Resources

There are a lot of facets to parenting both as an LGBTQ+ parent and as the parent of LGBTQ+ children. We thought it would be beneficial to put a foreword on this page to remind our readers that these are complex issues and that care and understanding are always the way forward.

We will also be collating all of our LGBTQ+ resources on this page for the time being, so topics will be headlined and include individual content warnings as appropriate.

Stonewall are the leading LGBTQ+ charity in the UK, and we very much recommend their resources, and whilst this may be very basic it felt useful to present a glossary of term for parents who might not be familiar with LGBTQ+ culture and terminology

Supporting your child when they come out

This Stonewall article has fantastic advice for parents who think their children might be LGBTQ+ presented in a question and answer form, which shares our views on the subject, which is to affirm and accept your child for who they are

Healthy Children is an American health and wellbeing site and has a lovely article about teens and coming out, with context as to how your child may be feeling, and what you can do to help them feel safe and accepted