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The Parent Behaviour coach offers a massive Mums Alliance members 50% Discount on fun and interactive workshops about how to understand and respond to difficult behaviours.  

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Professional mortgage and insurance advice. With a personal touch, with One month's insurance free for Mums Alliance members. 

Stuart Myers-Financial Teesside

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Stuart Myers-Bespoke Financial


Yoga classes for everyone including children across Teesside & North Yorkshire.  Currently free online.


The choice to think, feel and act in the way that you want to so that you can create a better reality for yourself. Whether that be improvements in their health, wealth, relationships or confidence - learn how to master your mindset and you can have any kind of life you wish! 20% Discount for Mums Alliance members

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Smooth Print specialises in printing and design, ranging from business cards to posters, banners and anything to do with print.  Our aim is to provide excellent service to all of our customers. We understand print and we know how to help businesses get noticed. That is our promise! 5% Discount for Mums Alliance members.












Smooth Print

"Talking with your therapist helps you to unravel thoughts and feelings in a safe, managed way".  

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Graphix Design

High-quality graphic design for all you design needs. 10% Discount for Mums Alliance members


The Mama Mojo Club is here to support stressed out struggling mums regain their sparkle.  15% Discount for Mum Alliance members when attending, Mama Mojo Method - 1:1 Coaching Programme

Graphic design for all your design needs.  10% Discount on portrait designs and 20% Discount for Logo and Branding design for Mums Alliance members


Welcome to FitFactory Dundee! We are here to help, guide and inspire you to create new healthy habits and break old unhelpful ones! Our clients can choose from personalised: - Meal plans, recipes - Weight loss - Online support - Community - Exercise.

15% Discount for Mums Alliance members.


Brenda Porter is an experienced Sleep Consultant who has had 100% success in transforming the lives families across the world. She takes families from sleep-deprived to sleep revived, where sleep is no longer a source of concern and anxiety but a calm and positive experience for everyone. £40 Discount voucher offered for Mums Alliance members.


Athlos Personal Training was born due to a love of health, fitness & nutrition and a desire to help others and to pass on skills and knowledge that can give long term health, fitness and nutritional benefits to everyone. Our aim is to help those we work with Move better, Eat healthier, Feel Stronger, Look better & Live Longer. 25% Discount for Mums Alliance members.


Kirsten Martis Travel⁠ ⁠ At a time when the travel industry need us, what better reason to book a holiday to look forward to.⁠ ⁠ Mums Alliance members who book with Kirsten Martis Travel, will receive a complimentary gift.⁠


Razzmatazz offers a wide range of Natural, Organic, Earth Friendly Health and Pampering Products. Our Products are all made in the UK.
Browse through our website to find wide variety of products like Perfect Buckwheat Pillows, Aromatherapy Products, bath Products.

5% Discount for Mums Alliance members. Shop Online with ease.