Welcome to
Mum’s Alliance

We are a group dedicated to helping mothers be their best selves throughout the whole journey of motherhood. Good postnatal support has been hard to find in recent years so we’ve gathered well checked resources from around the web and organised events to give mums new and old all the support they need. Whether that support is making sure you’re making the best decisions for your little one; dealing with unexpected mental health upsets or just needing a community; Mum’s Alliance is here for you!

The Info Hub

Sometimes even the most dedicated mums need a helping hand, that’s where our Info Hub comes in. We’ve spent the time gathering the resources you need to get back on track so all you have to worry about is being the best mum you can be. With advice on child development, mental health and the lesser talked about aspects of motherhood we’re certain you’ll find something to help you out.


Our Blog Has Even More

If you’re looking for a more personal touch rather than links and dry articles, check in with our blog, written by the brilliant mums that are the core of our organisation. With anecdotes on their personal experiences, discussions on more nuanced topics, recommendations on what's a fad and what's fantastic or just a good laugh with fellow mums there’s something for everyone!

We Can't Do All Of This Without You

Mum’s Alliance is an ambitious project, we’ve watched postnatal support for mums shrink and shrink and we want to fill that void in a way that isn’t fuelled by corporate greed. That's why we operate as a Community Interest Company, so that every penny not spent on keeping the lights on is spent making sure that mothers like you have all the support we can give. 

Our Mission Statement

What is Mum’s Alliance?

Mum’s Alliance is a Community Interest Company looking to support mums with the trials and tribulations of motherhood, from the first days in the hospital and through their entire journey of motherhood.

What is Mum’s Alliance trying to achieve?

Mum’s Alliance is aiming to provide the postnatal support that is very much lacking in most motherhood resources and become a hub for mental health and well being for mothers both new and old.

Why do we need funding to achieve this?

Without financial support we can’t provide the level of support that mothers deserve, the money donated to us goes towards the upkeep of our site and staff as well as the sourcing of our mental health and wellbeing resources.